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Little Rangda mask


aaaMystrySolvd-1061Q:  Can you please tell me something about this mask? It measures 11cm x 11cm, with the fabric tongue adding 20cm extra. It came from the Indonesian family of my wife. Many thanks in advance.  Herman, 1061

A:  Technically this is not a true mask. It is half the size and was not made to be worn, at least, not on a face. There are no eye holes or straps. We know that some cultures use small “masks” to put on their houses as a protective omen, hang from a belt, tourist souvenir, etc. Do the Balinese people use small Rangdas (a very famous dance drama character) for anything other than profit? Personally, I would love to hang it on a small wall space in a big city apartment.  C+

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  • Britania

    Im no expert in Balinese mythology, but this may be considered a “Leyak”, a figure consisting of only a flying head with its entrails dragging from along behind them (from disconnecting from their human body). They are followers of Rangda, so that may be why they look similar. Rangda masks tend to have more headdress attached.

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