Mask and costume from Dominican Republic

Q: I am a student studying my bachelor of Set and Costume Design at the Royal Central School of speech and drama, London. I am currently researching Dominican Republic Festival masks from the 1800s. I would like to make one for a play I am designing, and would it like to be as visually accurate as possible. To be incredibly specific it would be from Le Joya – by the river I believe, but to be able to find any imagery of masks from this area would be incredible. I have looked through copious research material– libraries and galleries, online, etc. It seems to be a very niche area. I was wondering if you had any imagery of masks from this time? Anything would help at all. Angelica, 1658

A: I posted this mask from La Vega about three years ago. You can find it in the archives of this website. The other mask is the only one I could find from La Joya. Both villages are close to Santiago in the northern part of the island. You can find more photos from the larger village of La Vega. A

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