Mask from Burkina Faso

Q:  This piece was acquired in Spain sometime ago. 9 inches tall by 5 inches wide.
The wood  and the paint seems in good shape. I’d appreciate any information on this mask. I bought with 2 more masks (smallers) with similar colors and designs.  Pedro, 1330

A:  I’m not sure exactly what tribe this antelope mask comes from. The Bwa, Nuna, Gusrunsiand and Bobo all live in the dry savannah land of central Burkina Faso. All of them seek the help of powerful spirits who live in the wild forests, bush country and rivers surrounding their villages. Their masks represent the spirits that have some influence on the human being. Wishing to control these forces and enlist their help against the powers of destruction, they create masks that make the spirits visible and are thus open to communication.  B


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