Masks by James Ensor

aaaMystrySolvd-1058-aAlthough James Ensor (1860-1949) is most well known for his paintings which have influenced both expressionism and surrealism, many of these paintings contain images of masks. Heidi Leitzke, Lancaster’s Public Arts Manager, recently told me this.

You can find some beautiful papier mache masks that were made by him. These two are from Google Images. It’s possible that these were modeled after items in the curiosity shop Ensor’s family ran, right beneath his studio. I would also suggest that you read “Chapter 8–Modern America” of Masks of the World by Robert Ibold. Though 74 different masks are pictured and discussed in this chapter, there is one that seems similar to Ensor’s work. What do you think?  1058aaaMystrySolvd-1058-b


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