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aaaMystrySolvd-1038Q: The Sepp Seidl Krampus mask, the fifth of his I own, is a very special one.  It has taken me four years to get him to sell me a mask with the traditional Steinbock horns instead of domestic goat horns, because the Steinbock ones are more expensive and very popular.  This mask has been used in several Perchtenlaufen over the years, and still has the plastic helmet inside it.  Aaron, 1038

A:  We are always pleased when Aaron shares one of his recent acquisitions with us. This mask is made by one of the best makers in the world. Look at the enlarged photo carefully to appreciate the workmanship. Krampus masks are used at celebrations in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Northern Italy. You can find many sources for them on Google… though not as good as this one.



  • Chris

    Hi there. As far as I know, the mask maker does this as follows: a large part of these (and other) horns are void. Thus, they produce a block of wood shaped like the entrance of the horn at its head-end. They attach this block solidly into the end of the horn with glue and/or nails/screws. Then, they are able to attach this horn plus wooden block to the mask itself by large screws going though the mask into this block of wood within the horn.

  • Aaron

    Goat horns are frequently just glued onto the wood without hardware, then surrounded by wood putty. With this mask, I can’t tell how they are attached, because the interior is padded leather. These horns are definitely heavier than domestic goat horns, as you said, so Chris might be right. They seem too securely attached to be just glued on.

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