Mexican day of the dead mask

A dealer says “These high quality clay skulls are a representation of the traditional sugar skulls, which are part of the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Mexican Holiday. They are made of clay and hand painted by the indigenous people in Mexico. These are truly unique clay skulls and they make a great addition to any collection.”

They are more often made of paper mache and can be worn as masks. The celebration of Day of the Dead is practiced by most Mexicans. Millions are made each year and they are always artistic, whether complete skulls or masks. In our category called Miscellaneous we show a number of art masks from other countries which are neither traditional nor ethnographic like the Mexican skulls are.

Should I categorize this item under “Mexican” or “miscellaneous (art)?” I’m not sure.  Hope you enjoy the occasional weird masks I blog.


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