Mystery mask indeed

Who am I?
Who am I?

Q: The attached mask was part of the Chicago collection lot that I acquired last year. It was part of a bulk lot of Mexican masks, but this one is certainly NOT Mexican. It is carved from heavy wood, and I’m fairly sure it’s African, but anything beyond that, I have no clue. I made this a present to my ex-wife, who collects African masks. She likes it a lot, but would like to know more about it. Do you have any clues about this one?  Helmut, 620

A: That is a very interesting mask. I have never seen anything like it. If I were forced to guess– maybe someplace in the Southern DRC… or a remote part of Mexico. Mexican carvers can come up with some pretty crazy stuff, so let’s not rule out that part of the world and keep our fingers crossed that someone in the blogosphere will recognize it.

Since I am not posting the photo of the rear, please note that the back shows no fake antiquing, and it has only two attachment holes on each edge. It does not seem to be particularly old, nor does it appear to be made for the tourist trade.

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  • Helmut

    Hi Bob,
    initially, I also thought this could be Mexican. However, the mask is made from a fairly heavy hardwood, the kind that is commonly found in African carvings, but would be very unusual for a Mexican mask. Let’s hope there’s someone out there who can tell us more about this!

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