Nice mask from Mali


Q:  I picked this and another mask up in Mali some years ago. Don’t know anything about it. Made of a fairly heavy dark wood and inset with what looks like bone or polished kernel and colored beading.  Any info greatly appreciated.   Rick, 606

A: Thanks for the pic of the lovely mask, despite that strong background it must compete with. It is from the Marka people of Mali, West Africa. I think it would show beautifully on a plain white wall. Marka masks often have other materials applied to the wood surface, frequently tin and brass sheeting. Beads, shells, and ornaments are also used. B+

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  • leon

    By looking at the haircomb i guess it must be a hunters mask.
    Mali Bobo Fing (closer to marka style than Dogon) the age is difficult
    with these masks, don’t be tricked by the argument that plastic beads or
    new wool tassels makes it a new mask. It could be old, Bob would you please more often show us a side picture and the inside backside picture of the masks, thank you!

    Leon or Madrason

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