Nice story about two masks

Q: I’m just wondering if someone within your organization can help me? I have two African masks on my wall that, ever since my three month old baby was born, she has giggled and laughed nonstop at them. They really make her very happy. When she is upset and crying and looks at the masks, they immediately cheer her up. I am wondering if there is any significance and/or how I can find out? Thank you! Christina, 1781

A: Masks usually make many of our viewers (and me!) happy, but not these two. Both are made for tourists and people who know very little about tribal art (babies?). The mask on the left looks like a Ngil from Cameroon that’s been artificially aged. The one on the right is a mix of styles from varies tribes in West Africa. Value of the two would be “D.” Here is the good news: I predict that your daughter will start collecting masks sometime in her adult life. Bob

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