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Not sure it is a Hanuman mask

aaaMystrySolvd-517nQ: I purchased this Hanuman mask and thought it was very unique because of the bird on top. Have you ever seen this before? Is it mid 19th Century or earlier?  Josh, 517

A:  Not sure it is a Hanuman mask. Have never seen the bird on top of one. It looks more Indian than Sri Lanka or Indonesia. May be old. With more info this might be a very collectible mask. Old Indian.  A


  • Amrish Vaidya

    Ramayana masks are common in Orissa, from where this mask comes.
    The U shaped mark on the forehead confirms that this is from the religious group that the god Rama belongs to.
    A character in the epic Ramayana is a crow called Kakbhushundi. The mask probably represents this character.

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