Ogoni or Ibibio mystery mask

Q: This is an Ogoni tribal helmet mask from Nigeria, West Africa. Got it at a really great price. Carved out of wood, with glass eyes, it is more unique for any other mask we have come across before. It measures almost 16″ from top to bottom x 8″ wide x 8″ deep. It has shells across the top of the eyes, with one is missing. It appears to be quite old, but not sure of age. My guess is mid century or earlier. Shaun, 1734

A: Unusual design, very well made and a lovely patina that suggests usage and care, but you bought it cheap and have no provenance. I think it is more like Ibibio, a culture that also lives in Southern Nigeria. It appears to have been skillfully restored. And I can’t rule out the work of a master reproductionist. Well who cares? It is very interesting, and a beautiful piece of art. If it was mine, I would replace the missing cowry shell. B+

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    Unfortunately we Do not have the Written Provenance on piece, but we did get it out of an Estate in NJ that had an abundance of valuable art work from all over the world. I Did not say we got he Piece at a “Really Great Price”. I said It is a “Really Great PIECE”. Just to Clarify. Also, what makes you think it was “restored”. Thank you for your Input

    Thank you, again
    Shaun 1734

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