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Old khon mask

Q:  I’ve just found this mask. It looks like a khon mask but from where? Burma or India? Have you some idea about this?  Eric, 1314

A:  I’ve never seen a kohn mask from either Burma or India, so I assume it is an old example from Thailand. Sometimes they are danced, but they are also displayed in holy places. Life sized, it is made from layers of papier-mache and plaster.  Gold leaf and colored glass and jewels are applied along with some paint. Because of its age I think you should do more research. This might be of interest to serious collectors.  A


  • Bob Ibold

    Here is Eric’s quick reply:

    It looks like burmese masks… or a old thai exemple.
    Attached are some pictures of burmese khon masks from the lisboa museum and the national yangoon museum.

    Thanks for sending them. I agree that it is from Burma and will change the post. Bob

    best regards

  • Eric

    hi Bob … after some research, I ve just find an other version of this mask … Ogre mask from Burma… I ve sending you the picture via email … best regards

  • eric

    Hi Bob I found a little piece of paper maché inside the mask … it is fragment of an old Burmese newspaper 🙂 its origin is no longer doubtful !!! if you want I send you a picture of the fragment …. see you soon

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