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Older Hanhoe mask from Korea

aaaMystrySolvd-1056aQ:  While searching the internet I learned this is a Hanhoe mask from Korea. The face of a Depraved Monk, I would guess. Also attached is a close-up of the back showing Korean writing clear enough to read.  Ivan, 1056

A:  I always like to get photos of the front, side and rear. In this case, it would also be helpful to get a translation of the writing on the back. It might identify this as a bride’s mask. It is a very popular character and is always carved out of wood with a moving jaw. Most of the other characters (different monks, government officials, etc.) are usually made of papier mache. Another similar bride’s mask (#787) is shown and described in our blog archives which you can access on the right column called Category/East Asia. This one is new, more carefully carved, and has some color added. Koreans are very proud of their masquerade traditions. They display masks in their homes, give them as gifts, and sell them to tourists.aaaMystrySolvd-1056b



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