Pair of Chi Wara “masks”

female and male headdresses
female and male headdresses

I thought this photo of two Chi Wara headdresses, both male and female versions danced by the Bamana people of Mali, was something many of you would like to see. The photo comes from the collection at Virginia Union University and was part of an excellent string of emails on the titled “Do authentic Chi Wara headdresses ever include applied metal strips?”

Two things are accomplished by this. You get to see a wonderful pair of these headdresses that are used in place of masks. And I can remind you of the important discussion group known as African_Arts. They are an excellent source of information about African traditional art and can furnish way more information about the world’s most popular category of collectible masks than I am capable of. You should consider joining them if you are serious about this specialty.


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  • leon.coray

    Metal or coppertstrips are used in Bambara area or in Marka masks Mali and Burkina Faso i don t know if the Dogon used it on chiwara masks, but if i see it on them i never buy them.There also seem to be chiwara statuettes, of a more heavier type of wood! So take care, not all chiwara antelopes are masks headpieces!

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