Panama Diablo mask

Q:  I have a mask from Panama which a think is a Diablo Carnival mask which was purchased at the market in Valle de Anton about 4 years ago.  I would like to have it appraised and possibly sell it.
Thank you,  Linda, 1075

A: There are several towns in Panama where fabulous masks, mostly Devils, are paraded at Carnival. They are made by talented artists who work with papier mache and colorful paint. There was always a strong Caribbean influence on these masks as your can see by going to our archives or Google. But this one seems to be more like an Austrian Krampus. I guess the old Mask Man shouldn’t be surprised, now that we’re all into the age of the iPhone.

Linda, I do not buy, sell or appraise masks on this blog. The research and commenting I do is always for free. If you want to sell this great-looking Diablo I would suggest checking to see what they sell for on the internet. Just be sure they come from Panama– not the Alps.  A

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