Pilate mask from Guerrero

Charles sent these scans along with those of four other masks for an appraisal. I asked if I could post this one with its great beard and moveable jaw. In my opinion it characterizes Pontius Pilate in the Dance of Santiago as celebrated by the Nahua people living in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. Though well used and possibly old, it is still wonderful to behold. I hope Charles will share more information about his valuable piece of folk art in our comments box. Bob, 1774

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  • Charles Gray

    I purchased this mask in 1982 from a good friend and dealer in San Jose, California. It is a great favorite of mine. It took a while before I discovered that the moveable chin, which is wedge shaped, fits neatly into the cleft of the chin when worn, such that when the wearer opens and shuts their mouth the mask follows suit. It was a great favorite too with my grandchildren over the years.

    Thank you Bob for identifying the origin of this mask.

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