Praise for the new book, Masks of the World

aaaMystrySolvd-866Five experts in masks and other tribal art were kind enough to send us their comments.
“This is a dictionary of masking that not only looks at the persona of the mask, but will aid in defining its use, ethnicity and geographical origin.”
– Jim Pieper, author of Guatemalan Masking and Guatemalan Folk Saints
“Unlike most of the reference books in my library, this one is more about the artistic qualities of folk art, and less prejudiced against invented or decorative objects.”
– Bryan Stevens, author of Mexican Masks and Puppets
“After reading this book you will have taken your first course in mask collecting. You will be able to quickly pin-point cultural origin and understand degree of authenticity which are the cornerstone of researching your treasures.”
– Nathan DesJardins, mask dealers
“A superb introduction to mask archetypes, and a useful general reference for both new
and experienced mask collectors. This book includes both the classic and the unique.”
– Aaron Fellmeth, collector
“I can’t think of another book that covers such a wide range of cultures from around the world… from old to new, and from traditional to inspired. I wish that I had a book like this when I first started collecting because I was interested in almost every category of masks.  I take my hat off to Bob for this valuable resource.”
– RAND, African Art dealer, discussion group moderator
Copies are available from Amazon.com or this website.

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