Primitive mask from the Congo

old or new
old or new

Q:  I have a lot of masks. I like to collect them. Especially African masks. A week before ı bought another one. I think it is from the Bacongo people of the DRC, and made of wood.  Actually the seller didn’t have any info on it. I bought it for 30 dollar. Could you tell me more about this mask. I hope it is old and original. Thanks.  Suleyman, 861

A:  Bacongo is a pretty good guess, but this example is crude and lacking any easily recognized features. The chances of it being old and original are slim because reproducing traditional masks has become  an important industry in most of Africa. The good news is that you paid very little for an attractive wall hanging that looks much like an old, used African mask. Many people would be pleased to display it.

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