Big mask from Puerto Rico

PR Vejigante
PR Vejigante

Q:  I have inherited one large signed Caraballo and two small Caraballo, Jr. Vejigante masks.  The father’s mask is dated 1986 and the 2 by Jr. are dated 1987.  I am in the market to sell them and I have detailed pictures which I can forward if you give me an email address.  Robert, 745

A:  This is a parade-size Vejigante made by Miguel Caraballo of Ponce, Puerto Rico. The style of these papier mache masks is always of a scary, long jawed, sharp toothed animal with big, spiky horns. It’s meant to frighten women and children.This style of mask is among the most wildly creative in the world. Large Vejigantes like yours are desirable to collectors of Caribbean masks but they are very expensive to ship. I happen to live withing driving distance from you and would gladly buy it from you for a fair price.

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