Rare Mexican performance mask

Q:  Check out this mask. It is one of the 9 lords of the night characters from a dance which is about the weirdest, dark stuff in Suchitlan tradition.  Pablo, 903

A:  I might have guessed this was a tourist mask made to look like a zombie or vampire. But since the photo comes from Pablo Medina, who has a great knowledge of Suchitlan folk art, we know it is an authentic piece. Suchitlan is a small town in the small state of Colima in west-central Mexico. The famous mask maker, Herminio Candalario, is also from there. We recently posted one of his masks. See number 898 titled “One of the great artists of Mexico.”  A

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  • Dan

    I lean towards your first impression Bob. I think someone’s fabricated a Cordryesque fairytale here.
    Just my opinion of course.

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