Sad Tecun Uman mask

aaaMystrySolvd-1066Q:  This mask with a mustache is made from a very heavy type of wood and has two glass eyes. It is almost 9 inches long and 7 1/4 wide. If it interests you to post, feel free to include it on your site.  Glenn, 1066
A:  Tecun Uman is the famous leader of the Mayan army that almost defeated the Spanish conquerors.  General Pedro Alvarado killed him in combat. Wikipedia describes him briefly, but there is much more. If you go to Categories/Guatemala on the right and scroll down to #808 you’ll see a much different version. Neither of these carvings are particularly good, but Tecun Uman would be a great addition to any collection because of its colorful appearance and the sad background story. C

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