Senufo or otherwise

French West Africa
French West Africa

Q:  I recently acquired a neat mask from an antique sale. It’s quite big, and I believe it’s all one piece of wood. I was told from the seller it was from West Africa, and is Senufo. Just wondering if you might know any more about it and it’s authenticity.  Jack, 637

A:  This is not a typical Senufo mask. The antelope style is more popular with other cultures in the surrounding areas of Mali and Burkina Faso. You might get an answer by going to the African_Arts discussion group at Yahoo. Or maybe one of our readers has an opinion. None the less, it is a large, well proportioned piece that will look great on the wall. Whether it was used, or made for sale and artificially aged, will remain a mystery until you actually take it to an expert.  B

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