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Sometimes repairs are a good idea

Buddhist diety
Buddhist diety

Q:  I have a very large wood carved mask. It is believed to come from Singapore.  It is a face painted red with black and gold. The face has a third eye on the forehead.  The approximate size of the mask is 24″ L, 18″ W. If you have an address I can send pictures to I would do so.  Charissa, 877

A:  This is a Buddhist-style mask that was made in Bali, probably for export or sale to tourists. It is poorly made and of little value. Also the paint is beginning to peel off. But because of its size and colors, I would suggest that you consider repainting and using it for decor. This could be a fun project… and you would not be in danger of ruining a collector’s item.  Genuine artifacts should not be repainted in most cases. C-

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