South America,  Unknown

Strange mask of natural materials

another mystery
another mystery

Q: I found it in a box at a garage sale in Naples, FL.. The lady said it was in her grandfathers garage with a bunch of other “junk”. I payed 5 dollars for it. The feathers feel real the face portion seem to be some type of pod that may have been closed at one point and then opened. The teeth seem real although they look more like animal teeth on the back it looks like a clay way molded so as when the feathers came through the front they would stick in the clay and stay in place when it dried.It is apparent that the feathers should have continued on a few inches along the mask as there are broken off pieces in little hole for a couple more inches. It looks like the same “clay” that decorates the rest of it for the design. The handle is difficult but from looking close it seems very fibrous like a bamboo material. Eddie, 839

A: I would guess this was made by a local artist in Florida. I have seen artistic masks made of palm fronds, coconuts, gourds, and many other natural materials. They can be very decorative, but are really not true masks. I’m posting it because I like its looks and, who knows, it could be something much different from what I just said.



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  • Andres Campos

    I do not think this mask was made in Florida. It is probably from the amazon. perhaps in the area around Brazil and Peru.

    I just got a decorative mask made with similar materials on eBay (301785712617). The mask I got has the word “Amazonia” written at the back. As you commented the material at the front is some kind of clay and the back is organic from some kind of plant fruit case. I really do not know to much about this decorative mask and I am still searching around. So, if you get more information about this piece I would appreciate if you share it with me.

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