The mask as a subject for art

ceramic art
ceramic art

Q: I would appreciate a brief description of the raku mask, it measures approximately 11″ x 6″ and was purchased at an estate sale. I am an artist and a mask collector.  Ann, 552

A: As an artist and mask enthusiast it makes sense that you would be attracted to a beautiful piece of art such as this.

Many first-rate ceramicists have at some point in their careers tried raku, that primitive style of light-weight Japanese pottery. I don’t know who the artist was. If you go to the Holloween-Drama-Art section of my site you will see several other examples of clay masks done by American artists. Usually, they are made for display rather than wearing. Actually, raku would make for a wearable mask since it would weigh very little. I will give your raku piece a high grade as art– even though it isn’t really a mask.  A

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