The world’s number one mask

In today’s newspaper there is a picture of a masked person condemning the killing of an Iranian general. In back of the protestore is the US Capitol. Once again we see the famous Guy Fawkes face in the news.

Since the 2005 release of the film V for Vendetta, the use of stylized Guy Fawkes masks, with mustache and pointed beard, has become widespread internationally among groups protesting against politicians, banks, and financial institutions. The mask both conceals the identity of individuals and demonstrate their commitment to a shared cause.

It has been used off and on during all of the 20th century, especially on November 5th in the UK. That event is called Guy Fawkes Day which commemorates a plot to blow up the British Parliament. The mask has a great history and has probably been produced more than any other. Yes, even more than the Dan Racer, Balinese Rangda, or any Noh mask. 1651

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