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This big Barong is meant to scare



aaaMystrySolvd-856bQ: I am trying to gather as much material on the masks I own….for my children. I never bothered to write down how much they cost, where I got them and when. Wish I was more diligent. The photos are of a large wood carved mask. Do not know anything about it. Was bought at a indoor flea market. Any thoughts? Mickey, 856

A: Barong masks are used in village ceremonies held in rural Bali and Java. These large, heavy masks must be held with the aid of two handles protruding from the rear. The mouth can be moved up and down. This one is of a boar, but there are Barongs modeled after lions, wolfs and other wild animals. They scare the children as they wonder around the village. Yours has never been used and is in perfect condition. B+

Mickey goes on the say “Thanks for all your help with photos I have sent. I hope you do not mind me sending you more masks photos. I do not know who else can give me the info I need for my children! I do check out books and go on the web but am a little hesitant to browse the web too much.
If I am over extending your patience with me…please don’t hesitate to say stop.”

Thanks for writing that. We don’t want to do groups of masks for individuals. Occasionally I have done this, but there was a fee charged for the service and it was not posted on the blog. Appraisal services are also private and require a fee.


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