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Timorese mask
Timorese mask

Q:  We bought this mask in Ubud, Bali. It is supposed to be from Timor. Could you please confirm? Thanks, Hugo (Paris, France), 693

A:  Timor is 700 miles east of Bali which is a huge market for masks, even from other areas of the world. So it is not surprising that you would find this unusual mask there. This is a rare type of Timorese masks.  Unfortunately, I do not know exactly where on the island it comes from or for what purpose it is used. What I do know is that the craftsmanship is high and it is a design that is different from most. I hope we can get some information from one of our readers. If you learn more in your own research please share it with us.

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  • louis

    This mask is likely to be from Timor. You can tell by the crescent-shaped headress, which was typical of timorese warriors.

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