Native America

Tsimshian cedar mask from NWC

Q:  I believe you may have used my King Island mask in your book. You were impressed with it front and back. In any case I just bought a mask and would like you to look at it. It was on eBay and I made an offer as he sent an appraisal letter. Not sure what to think about it and wanted another set of eyes to look at it. Thank you, Jim, 1298

A:  I question whether this mask is from the late 19th century or was ever used in ceremony. Appraisals like the one you got are meant to please the customer. Accuracy is not guaranteed. Regardless, this is a beautiful, authentic-looking mask that could be used in a Potlatch, or hung on a serious collector’s wall. Nine inches, yellow cedar, traditional colors of red, black and blue-gray.  B+


  • Bob Ibold

    James said later… Bob your leaving me hanging. Is it too much because in is newer and a great deal if it is older? Also are you comfortable that it is carved in the North West? I think I am the wood seems correct.

    I answered… Sorry, but I must leave you hanging. In addition to writing the blog, I do professional appraisals, for which there is always a charge. You should go to a specialist in Native American tribal art.

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