Unusual African mask


Q:  I bought this mask from the German eBay last year for 15 euros. No info was provided and I have yet to find out anything about it. I would guess African and Ivory Coast. The backside does seem somewhat polished on the contact points. Thanks for any info in advance, you are a gent.  Jim, 810

A:  If I had to pick an area of Africa where it could come from it would be the northern DRC, formerly the Belgium Congo. But I doubt if I’m right. It was probably made by someone who carves masks for a living and decided to do something different for a change. After all, tourist will often buy unusual items. Also, the treatment of the back does not suggest actual usage to me. Now, after trashing this attractive wall-hanging, let’s hope that some mask collector writes in with a surprising ID.  C


  • Andrey

    This one looks like a Lulua face-mask from DRC (formerly Zaire). Also, could very well be Eket mask from Nigeria.

  • Bob Ibold

    Andrey is right. This mask could be from either the Lulua or the Eket, and is probably not a blend from a tourist shop.

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