Very strange mask


Q: Looks old & crudely carved wooden mask with animal, about 10″ tall, wood is light some cracking, no idea where from or what age, what do you think, Thanks,  George, 579

A: This could win “Strangest Mask of the Year.”

rear of unknown
rear of unknown

Yes, that appears to be a male, hoofed animal carved over the face of the mask. The back is also unusual. Was the front ever painted? The Mexicans sometimes put animals over faces, but I’ve never seen one that looks anything like this. Please let us know if you have any thoughts on this strange mask.


  • Mickey Ford

    I have a very similar mask. Very light wood with a bird across the face. The wings are over the eye holes and the body of the bird is the nose.
    My mask is Mexican and had a note with it. It says:
    “La madrina de la novia (o del novio) usa la mascara durante la ceremonia de la bendicion.”
    I went to goggle translations…..
    “The godmother of the bride (or groom) mask used during the blessing ceremony.”
    Do not know if this translation is correct, however, our masks are similar and it might help for further investigation.

  • Bob Ibold

    Thanks for your comments. Any chance you could send me some pics of your bird-faced mask? I’d love to post it for others to see.

  • Mickey Ford

    Will send pictures.
    I think I sent you a picture of this mask around Sept. 30 when I also sent you a picture of a Mexican paper mache bull masks which you posted on this site.Sent them via e-mail. Would you still have it?
    Hope you are feeling better.

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