Very West African

aaaMystrySolvd-924Q:   There was a consignment shop which I frequented as a college student. This mask appeared and I wanted to buy it. Had little money, so paid it off in increments. It is very light wood and as you can see had not been treated well. It has some kind of fur and a movable month. I tried looking for similar masks and could not find. Is it a Dan mask?  Mickey, 924

A:  This is one of those mixed features masks. To identify the various tribal features you would have to study mask photos from Liberia east to Cameroon. Many pieces like this are made for the tourist trade. They are usually carved quickly and carefully finished to look old and used. Only rarely do we see hybrid masks like yours that are authentic.

Let’s hope someone will comment on this interesting mask. Just to make this more fun I will vote for the We people of Ivory Coast.







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