Yaqui pascola mask, Sonora, Mexico

This mask came from a collector who had several in an estate sale in which some (this being one) were left. There are several more various ones as well. 8 inches long (without beard) by 6 inches wide. Not sure about material, possibly wood? It’s very light. Thanks in advance! Just like to learn more about them as I am trying to sell for owner. Deb, 1625

A: The following can be found on page 115 of Mask of the World by Ibold & Yohn… Pascolas are for Easter celebrations. The Yaqui Indians celebrate all of Holy Week, however, most Roman Catholics would not recognize their rituals because they are more Animistic than Christian. Yaqui religious traditions have strong Pre-Hispanic roots. The Yaqui people still perform Pascola celebrations throughout their areas in northern Mexico. Tourist are welcome to watch the dancers and often buy their masks as souvenirs.

The Mayo Indians in the nearby state of Sinaloa celebrate similar Pascolas. The only difference in their masks is that the hairs coming out of the forehead are much longer and cover all of the face. B+

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