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    Dayak mask from Borneo

    This ceremonial mask comes from the Dayak Kenya-Kayan people who live in Borneo, Indonesia. It is carved wood with natural pigment color and is probably from the late 19th century. Previously in a French collection, it has an old tag that reads “Meyer Collection 0084.” How good that provenance is remains to be seen. It is probably of high value. Try to a find Dayak mask that is similar in appearance. If it is a well made reproduction you might be able to get it for an affordable price. There are still opportunities on the internet. A, 1738

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    Wig maker’s head on stand

    The Mask Man has been isolated in his house away from the corona virus for too long. I think I am going crazy. What I’m showing you today is a solid wood carving of a bald woman’s head on a steel stand. Years ago the maker would use it to craft a wig… and/or display to customers. If I was younger and had more space, I would buy a wood head like this and display it in my house as sculpture. Occasionally it would be fun to put one of my many masks on her face. Would this amuse visitors? Back to masks tomorrow. Bob, 1735

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    Focus your collecting on something special

    Q: Your website is a great resource for anyone interested in masking. It actually is the main reason why I began being interested in carving traditional Central Swiss masks. It is also the reason why I began collecting specifically Swiss masks. It taught me a lot of things, most of all also that it is not necessarily useful to collect masks from all over the world. Specializing will yield a much more in-depth and high-quality collection and will make you an expert over time in that area, which is much more fun in the end than having the house filled with any masks you stumble over. Chris, 1724 A: Thanks…

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    Mexican hummingbird mask

    The first carved wood mask is 8″ high x 5.2″ wide x 12.8″ deep, and made in Carpinteros, Hidalgo, Eastern Mexico. The second one is photographed from three angles and is also made by the same Otomi people in that area. The first mask is new and the second one has been used. These go along with beautiful costumes and are very popular. I’m sorry but all the the scans are low resolution. Bob, 1718/>

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    Another beautiful Mahakala

    Q: I think this is a mask from India/Himalayas, possibly of the deity Mahakala. Wanted to know more! I inherited a collection, and am interested in this one from Asia. Mattie, 1715 A: You are right. I posted one almost exactly like yours back in 2018. It wasn’t quite as nicely painted and had been used. Please take a look at it. https://masksoftheworld.com/nice-mahakala-mask-from-tibet/ These artistic papiermache masks are made by monks for ceremony… and income for the monastery from generous tourists. A-

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    Repros of ancient masks

    Reproductions of old masks that were actually worn in theater performances (or copied by ancient Romans over 2000 years ago) are available for very little cost. Different characters, gods and Roman emperors are made by skilled commercial artists around the world. I think that anyone who enjoys this site should have at least one of these affordable sculptures on a wall in their home. My good friend, who is a retired classics professor, believes the two masks shown here are poor reproductions. I think they are still quite decorative, but if you are a classics scholar, search more carefully than I did. C

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    Paintball protective mask

    This is a Flex 8 Goggle system that offers integrated vents on the jaw that have been strategically designed to encourage deflections and bounces. Features include… Spectra Lens offering 260° field of vision Dual Pane Thermal Lens Dual Fusion Co-molding technology creates this unique venting system Smaller profile to encourage deflections and bounces Includes removable visor Accepts Vortex 2 fan system You can buy different kinds of paintball masks (new and used) for little money. This is true of many other kinds of protective masks for goalies, soldiers, wrestlers, sword fighters, divers, firemen, etc. Sometimes there are older versions that look much different and can be very desirable to serious…

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    Masks as art

    Q: Thought you might like to see this steel mask which I made some years ago. The steel came from an area that had been subjected to a cluster bomb attack. In this case the mask doesn’t protect: rather it shows the fragility of the wearer. Steve, 1692 A: I’ve always had some interest in cultural anthropology, but I was drawn to mask collecting mainly because they combine the two most important art forms: sculpture and painting. Your piece would be called wall sculpture because it is way more than just decorative art. It is fine art, and it also has meaning. Many of the masks shown on this site…

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    Bryan Stevens, 1944-2020

    It was about 40 years ago that I bought my first mask (Mexican) at a flea market. A few years later I met Bryan who lived in the neighboring town of York, PA, and he really got me excited about collecting. Though he was a psychiatrist by profession, he curated one of the most important Mexican mask collections in the world. He was always generous with his time and taught me a great deal about the folk art and anthropology of Mexico. He was also kind enough to write the preface to “Masks of the World,” a book written by me and Troy Yohn in 2015. I will greatly miss…

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    Authentic new Guatemalan masks

    Q: Attached are two views of mask made by Moises Lopez, Tactic, Guatemala, and one of his unfinished masks. I like unfinished mask and will purchase them if I can convince the mask maker to give one up before it is painted. I also have some masks that were purchased in Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala, and most are from Mexico. Some are gifts, some bought from make, some are tourist, some not. Janet Brody Esser confirmed Michoacan masks, but no estimate of value. What would it cost to appraise them? Jeri, 1686 A: The book “Masks of the World” describes in detail how authenticity affects the value of masks. Most valuable…