Dogon Hare’s Mask with figure on top

Q: It is certainly Dogon, as it has all of the classic cubital facial planes typical of their masking. However, the seller identified it as a Dogon hunters mask. I’m not sure I’m convinced this is the proper categorization.

First, the mask has all of the typical formations of the Hare mask (or Gomintogo) of the Dogo people of Mali. But what really sets it apart, and in my view, raises questions about its classification as a “hunters” mask, is the standing female figure on top. This is not typical of the hunters mask, although I’ve seen some images with female head mounts. Quincy, 1777

A: This looks authentic to me and would fit nicely into a good collection of Dogon masks. I checked out your links and am pretty sure this is a Hare Mask. A

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