Help needed for fine mystery mask

Q: I recently bought this mask. Its about 20 cm tall. Looks real old and used but I don’t know where its from or from witch culture it is?. I bought it at an auction and paid 400 euro for it. Niek, 1659

A: Niek is a collector of PNG masks. I think he can tell what pre-contact usage looks like. This mask was carved with bones, shells or stone fragments… not a steel tool. But after a long search I have found nothing. Certainly 400 euros will be a great bargain if we can identify it. Please try to help us! Niek will be so appreciative. A?

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  • Aaron Fellmeth

    My best guess is that it’s from southern Guatemala, possibly for an early version of the Baile del Torito. The parrot-beak-shaped nose, the mustache, the thick and heavy wood, the small eye holes, the placement of the strap holes, all point to that.

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