Kpelie masks can be wood or bronze

Bronze Senufo
Bronze Senufo

Q: I got three small masks, (one attached) to give as gifts for my sister.  For some info I went on line and came across your web site. How much do you charge to review a mask?  Bill, 534

A: On this blog I just do one mask for free. Yours is a bronze Kpelie from the Senufo people of Northern Ivory Coast and Mali. For an appraisal we would have to know its age. It would take an expert to make that judgment, or perhaps a scientific instrument. I’m going to guess it is not old.  B

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  • Alejandro

    I need some information about an antique Kpelie Senufo mask in bronze. How could I post some photos?
    Will appreciate any support from your experts.


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