Mystery mask

Q: I recently purchased this mask for my collection and have had zero luck identifying it’s origin. It measures 9″ across x 12″ tall x 5″ deep. It is made of some variety of ceramic clay–possibly terracotta in part. The back side includes speckling but I am not knowledgeable enough to discern authentic from reproduction but am leaning toward older reproduction? Thanks much! JC, 1604

A: This could be an ancient burial mask, or maybe a piece of decorative art. It is not a real mask made for usage by a live human. It is too large, impossible to wear on the face, and easy to damage.

Having said that, it strikes me as a handsome and probably valuable artifact, but it doesn’t have much value to collectors if thy don’t know what it is. Try to help JC, me, and other nice viewers of this website by offering your comment. Please share your opinion with us. You will not be graded.


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