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Native American mask

Q:  Would you happen to know where this originated and if it is valuable enough to be appraised?  My deceased cousin traveled the world for years, and this is one of her treasures.    Beverly, 1829

A:   It is Iroquois in style,  made in the USA,  and maybe  worth enough to be  appraised.  All  kinds of  people  love  to  see  Native  American  masks  on  the  walls  of  their  cabins  and  rec rooms.  The  value  can  go  up  according  to  signature,  date  and  condition.


  • Jaden

    The mask comes from the Six Nations territory in Ontario. Quite valuable to the Haudenosaunee confederacy but in no way within the form of currency. The masks are very sacred to many of the Haudenosaunee as well as should be to all. The masks are traditionally not supposed to be sold being that they are sacred and still used to this day for ceremonial rites but still many are wrongly sold unfortunately. So on that improper point of view many native art collectors see some masks as quite valuable in currency depending on craftsmanship,age and maker. The Haudenosaunee confederacy does ask that the masks be returned to them by non-natives including Museums, Art Galleries, Historical Societies, Universities, Commercial Enterprises, Foreign Governments, and Individuals. The Haudenosaunee Grand Council forbid the continuation of selling Iroquois masks for both natives and non-natives as it is an exploitation of Haudenosaunee culture. Public exhibition of these sacred masks has been forbidden by the Grand Council as well so they do also ask that online posts like such be removed. Not trying to disrespect or offend anyone. Just trying to shed some light on the matter and share words in the best way possible for a good outcome involving these sacred masks.


    Yes the first answer is correct thanks for sharing that I new rite when I seen this it was Iroquoian my ancestors spoke Iroquoian language The Attignawantan (people of the bear) Huron wendat that became later on known as the Wyandot and I’m also Kanienʼkehá꞉ka (Mohawk from the 6 nation’s originaly 5 nations and the Mohawk that I’m related to are the ones from near Quebec like the Huron from wendake they were from kahnawake and I’m French Canadian mixed that’s what a lot people were doing in those days mixing French man with native lady or native warrior or sachem with French women but anyways about the mask I believe the mask were also used by my people the Huron wendat they had similiar ways of living and religion spirituality and way the homes were made the longhouse same language different dialect but I think mutually understandable

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