Mexican mask with pointed cap?


Q:  I bought this mask at a online auction here in Switzerland. It was declared as antique Tyrolean mask. For me it looked more like Mexican? It is made of very light weight wood and rather small. The size is 43 cm x 14 cm. Thank you very much for your help.
Kind regards from Zurich.  David, 1827A: This  mask looks  more  Mexican  to  me  as  well, though I can’t be sure. I haven’t seen a mascara with this kind of cap before. I hope some viewer will make a comment.



  • Chris

    Ha!, actually I saw this mask at the auction, too :). Indeed, it also seemed Mexican to me but I do not collect Mexican masks, so I let it go its way. Tyrolean…? Very unlikely, I think.

  • Jean

    Hello, I also guess it is Mexican. All the Tyrolean masks I saw had the holes for the dancer’s eyes in the middle of the mask’s eyes, while they are frequently below mask’s eyes in Mexican masks, as here.

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