Rare stingray mask?

Q:  A friend gave me this mask when she was moving as I have always admired it.   It fits on top of your head rather than over the face.  It is about 21 inches long by 12 inches wide.  It looks like a manta or sting ray.  Any info?   Brad

A:  I’m finally back to posting mystery masks. Yours is going to be difficult. I have never seen a stingray mask in my 50-year career of collecting. It is probably from someplace on the Atlantic Coast of West Africa. It seems to be new and and made for the tourist trade. But I can see in a river ceremony a dancer wearing this on the back of his head and then going down and floating in the water. This mask could easily be an rare artifact.

Dear Viewers:  I hope some of you will comment.  Bob, 1826

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