Should I buy this mask?

Q:  What do you think about this mask, which is proposed to me for sale? It looks very nice, but I wonder if it is really as old as it is announced to be (early 20th)?  Jean, 1412

A:  Hope I’m not to late in answering you. Do buy it if you think the price is right. It is old and used. More over, it is well carved and very attractive.The number on the rear would have been carved at a morreria (costume shop). Very collectible.

For those who aren’t familiar with this Guatemalan mask, it could represent either a Moro or a Vaquero in several different dances. There are dances that are about the Spanish conquest of 1524 or the following centuries of colonial rule. Most Guatemalans are of Mayan descent and are quite interested in all of their history. 


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