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Lucha Libre wrestler
Lucha Libre wrestler

Even though I’m not a Lucha Libre fan, I know this guy is a currently popular wrestler from Mexico. I’ve seen his picture before. That’s saying something because there are hundreds of wrestlers that wear different masks… and they retire that unique design when the athlete ends his career.Many of the Lucha Libre masks are innovative, eye-catching, and certainly an important category of folk art. Mexican wrestling dates back to 1863. An historic cultural phenomenon, the masks are the signature of the wrestler, and often his face is never seen or identified. These masks offer a wonderful collecting opportunity for someone who wants to specialize.


  • Helmut

    No wonder you’ve seen this guy before, Blue Demon is one the most popular wrestlers from the Golde Age of Lucha Libre, only second in popularity to El Santo, El Enmascarado de Plata, the most famous wrestler in Mexican history.
    Starting in 1953, a large number of movies was made with the masked wrestlers fighting bad guys, martian invaders, zombies and all kinds of monsters. For the wrestlers, the masks were a way of life, they ALWAYS wore them in public, along with their normal street clothes. If you can relate to it, Lucha Libre is a fascinating and highly entertaining topic. The masks are available in varying qualities, ranging from very affordable to professional versions.

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