Native America

Traditional native American mask

Q:  Hi there. My grandma has recently passed on. When I was growing up she had these creepy ass masks hanging in her one hallway. Well, I’m not sure if I would never forget them, but she  left me all the masks in her will. No origin or any other info, she just said Erienne gets her favorite wall hangings (the masks). I was wondering if you could tell me anything about them, ie. orgin, worth, etc.  1799

A:  For thousands of years Native American carvers have been making colorful masks for traditional dances and other ceremonies. Nowadays they are also made for collectors. It a shame you find them creepy. Many people love the way they look and are whiling to pay a lot of money for them. Well that’s okay, I know of people who can’t stand a bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson.

Send us another example of one of Grandma’s masks.  B

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