Mask worn on waist



Q:  Here are the Mexican masks I’ve photographed and cataloged so far. I have many more to do.  Pick any one you want.  Kevin, 1800

A:  I’ll but pick the most unusual one. It is a newly made decorative from Guerrero, Mexico. Some of the dancers in that state impersonate St. James, fish, mermaids, or horses that they wear around their waists as if they’re riding them. Though these strange masks are popular with tourists and mask collectors now, they’ve been danced in Guerrero for hundreds of years.  This one would never be danced. Only a tourist will buy one with the tail of a mermaid and the head of St. James.  Please go to post #1796 (Nov 21, 2020) and read more about Mexican decoratives.

From the collection of the Charles Moore Foundation in Austin, Texas.

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