Beautiful African mask

Q:  I am unable to define the possible origin of this mask. It was acquired it a few years ago because it has a “mysterious” look. After some personal research I found that the geographical origin could be the Ivory Coast region and it has some features of the Guro tribe. Notice the scarifications on the forehead and cheeks. The overall condition is good. It is 20 cm high. Thanks for your advice.  Patrick, 1801

A:  My advice is for you to keep this beautiful mask… or give it to a museum. You are right, it is probably a female character from the Guro or Baule of Ivory Coast.  It’s features are distinctive and masterfully carved. Even though it is old and used, the condition is indeed good. I think you have a treasure!  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could tell us the when, where, and how much you paid. Of course, one of our readers might have a good comment about this interesting artifact.  A

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