Mumuye or Mambila animal mask


aaaMystrySolvd-1052aQ:  Important for me is your opinion of this mask. This is a Mumuye zoomorphic mask from my collection.  This mask as you can see is very old with 45 cm height and weight of 1200 grams . I buy before month from a private seller.  Negris, 1052

A:  It could be a Mumuye vabo or a Mambila suaga mask. Both tribes are fairly close to each other in southern Nigeria or northeast Cameroon. Either way, this is a beautiful West African mask. Though a bit crudely carved, it is unique in both design and color, and would be a nice addition to any serious collection. Unfortunately a museum or major auction house won’t want it because there is no  provenance.aaaMystrySolvd-1052b

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