Hudoq mask from the Dayak of Borneo

aaaMystrySolvd-1053Q:  I was living in Malaysia in 1990-91 and purchased a number of masks while there.  I know one is a Hurdoq mask I got in Borneo but am not sure about the other masks.  I’m interested in finding out what their function is and approximately what they may be worth.  Thanks for any help you can provide.  I’ve attached pictures of various masks rather than multiple views of a single mask.  Michael, 1053

A:  Thank you for the Hudoq mask photo. In the Dayak language hudoq  means hornbill bird. These famous masks are worn during agricultural ceremonies and to welcome important guests. Like so many ethnographic artifacts from around the world, the design is highly abstracted art that can only be understood by members of the culture. The colors are always a strong red, white and black. Collectors love to display them.

I can’t give this mask a letter grade because I didn’t get enough information. I always like to see a side and a rear view in addition to the front. Dimension are necessary, more information including when, where and how much was the purchase price. Further more, the Mask Man does only one mask per person. Other than a letter grade, we do not do appraisals for free. These instructions are explained in four short paragraphs when you click on “Ask the Mask Man.”


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