10 Mexican Must Haves

The above mask is a female Catrin from the state of Tlaxcala

Mexico is a country with many different masquerade traditions (usually called dances), and each of them features a number of different characters. Also important– these traditions are still being practiced so that many different Mexican masks are available to collectors.

Because of this abundance you have the choice of various themes for your collection: types of characters, geography, ethnicity, construction material and so forth.  The following ten masks represent different types of characters used in the dances.

More good news for people interested in building a collection: almost all antiques including Mexican masks are very low in price currently… and we will soon be having an auction of our entire inventory, including most of the masks you see on this posting.

9 Negrito
Juan Negro mask from Veracruz
m 10
Xantolo mask from Hidalgo
m 7
Tigre (jaguar) mask from Oaxaca
m6 Toro
Bull masks from Veracruz
m 8
Huehue mask from Puebla
m5 Devil
Devil mask from Guanajuato
m4 White Skull Lrg
Old skull mask, state unknown
Decorative Barbones
(bearded one) from Guerrero
m3 ColonialArts 2
Devil mask, state unknown
m 11
Decorative tourist mask from Guerrero

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