Guacamaya character from Guatemala

Big Bird
Big Bird

Q:  Here is a rare mask of the central figure in the Guacamaya dance in Guatemala.  Jon, 897

A:  I love the look of this mask, even if it is a little rough. Here is what Jim Pieper has to say in his book Guatemala’s Masks & Drama,  “The Guacamaya is a very old dance, which is possibly pre-conquest, with little documentation. It tells the tale of a Mayan king who was turned into a parrot. This dance uses some of the largest carved masks in Mesoamerica. The dance is performed in May in Santa Cruz, Alta Verapaz.”

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  • Bob Ibold

    “Is the patina real or stained on back of the mask? Internet photos are a tough way to tell.” This was part of an email I just received from an experienced collector that questions the masks authenticity. I did look hard at a picture of the back, but it was impossible to tell whether it was natural or antiqued.

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